The NTUitive Team

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Dr Alex Lin



Lim Boon Chow


Lim Boon Chow is responsible for innovation and entrepreneurial programmes to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs and to grow investible innovation-driven enterprises that will become successful companies. He is currently the Deputy Director of Enterprise Development, NTUitive. His experience in technology licensing has enabled startups and established companies’ access to technologies in NTU and become market differentiators. He manages a talent pool of rapid software and hardware developers for startups and ventures to turn ideas into minimally viable products and services to test the market. He leads the development of unique NTUitive toolkits such as the Career Assessment Profile tool for talent fitting, A.I. Smart Survey Summariser, and Smart Contract for Market Access, that give the startups an unfair advantage to grow and succeed. 


Leon Chang


Leon is part of the dynamic team that is responsible for building ventures and startup ecosystem in NTUitive. Prior to this, he was busy building a career experiencing through interactive media, info-comm, ecommerce, logistics, robotics, payment, AI, telecommunication and digital gaming industries across capital-intensive public and private organisations in various start-up, turnaround, stable and high growth situations.

Susan Kheng

Talent Resource Management

Susan brings over 20 years of strategic and operational management experience in the biotech and healthcare industry having worked in MNCs and a successful listed start-up company, developing new businesses and markets and building strong management teams in Singapore and the region (South East Asia). She was also previously responsible for the Lean LaunchPad programme, a national entrepreneurial training programme for researchers in Singapore, and has since been involved in entrepreneurship and innovation as an active collaborator with entrepreneurs, agencies, diverse partners and stakeholders in entrepreneurship education, venture building and the startup ecosystem.


Ko Zhi Hong


Zhihong works closely with startup founders to shape, fund and scale their businesses, drawing upon more than a decade of experience helping startups and SMEs succeed, and tapping on a wide network of links to early-stage venture capital (VC) funds and Government economic assistance schemes. He has taken on various enterprise development roles in both the private and public sector, in Enterprise Singapore, the Economic Development Board, the National University of Singapore, the National Research Foundation and management consulting firm McKinsey & Co. 

He has a MBA from INSEAD and did his Bachelors degree (Hons.) in Economics in University College, London