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NTUitive is having a Zoom based roadshow for PEI Students and Alumni in the coming weeks! Come and sign up via the following links:

Event Info

Are you curious about entrepreneurship? Do you want to learn transferable lifeskills while building your own company? NTUitive, the Innovation & Enterprise Company of NTU, is running a 3-month Venture Building program, ideasinc veni, open to all SIM GE Part-time and Graduating students, and Graduated Alumni who whould like to participate.

The programme is free of charge, and runs from 1st June to 31 August, open to all SC/PR applicants who are presently unemployed, have an interest in learning more about building your own startup, and who is a first-time entrepreneur, with no existing business other than a sole-proprietorship. There is also a $1,500 monthly stipend for qualified participants who enrol in our programme!

NAFA x NTUitive AMA Session

11 May 2021 (Tue), 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM 

Register here:

LaSalle X NTUitive AMA Session
12 May 2021 (Wed), 12:30 PM - 01:00 PM
Register Here:

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