Ideasinc.veni is a fulltime programme that educates and guides you on the process of venture building, providing you with the resources you will need as you embark on your entrepreneur journey.



COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated digital transformation globally and shaped our lifestyles around it. Even as we emerge from the lockdown, most of us have already adopted a new lifestyle, largely working, eating, and shopping from home. While this disruption has adversely impacted traditional businesses like restaurants, retail stores and hotels, it has also created many new opportunities on similar fronts, with food delivery, eCommerce, and hyper local activities such as city cycling tours.

The radical changes brought by economic disruptions and our sheer adaptability as human beings create many incredible opportunities for entrepreneurship. There is no better time than now.

We at NTUitive and Ideasinc want to present you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to capitalise on the transformation of the industries, create a new business, and make it BIG. As absurd as it may sound, do not waste a good crisis!


1. Career Assessment Profiling and Mindset Alignment

The curriculum begins with a Career Aspiration Profile (CAP ™) test to help you understand your inclinations, thinking profile, and a 21st Century Skill competency test. With a better understanding of yourself and potential teammates, you can then strengthen your resolve to starting up with the Inner-Engineering ™ method.

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2. Business Idea-Discovery Process

You will be guided through a structured process by instructors, mentors and Entrepreneurs-in-Residence to study market trends using data services such as CB Insights, Pitchbook and Google Trend to identify market gaps and business ideas.


3. Market Validation

Instructors and mentors will guide you through the Lean LaunchPad (LLP) Programme, designed by startup guru Steve Blank, putting the Business Model Canvas into practice. You will be given access to in-house tools such as the AI Survey, developed by NTU to collect and analyse customer interviews and validate the business idea.


4. Developing your Idea into a Product

You will then be guided by product designing mentors to design products and services that bridge the market gap. Cutting-edge technologies from research institutes and universities are introduced via IPI, HOPit and Google Scholar, as well as all the patents from NTU's portfolio. Trial licenses of the technology can be made available for evaluation and integration into the products and services designed. Visits to the research institutes, corporate labs, and university research labs will also be arranged at your request to expose you to the potential technologies in development to enhance your products and services.


5. Fundraising 101

ideasinc.veni includes a class that serves as your guide in navigating the complex capital sourcing environment. An updated contact list with more than 500 active investors (Venture Capitals, Corporate Ventures, Family Office, Angel Investors) will be given to kickstart your fundraising efforts. If needed, a personal introduction to targeted investors will be done to open the door for an initial conversation.


6. Marketing and Scaling

Essential skills such as Digital Marketing and Consultative Selling are included in ideasinc.veni to get you ready to hit the market and run.


7. Minimum Viable Product (MVP) Building

Technical resources such as an in-house Rapid Software Prototype Team as well as an Open Innovation Lab are provided to you to satisfy any software and hardware prototyping needs to create your MVP.

Our in-house Rapid Software Prototyping Team's breadth of expertise ranges from Blockchain to Artificial Intelligence. Let them do the leg work while you think about changing the world.

The Open Innovation Lab comes supplied with a wealth of hardware tools, machines, 3D printers as well as materials. It will surely be enough to satisfy any hardware prototyping needs.


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