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Ideasinc.veni is a fulltime programme that educates and guides you on the process of venture building, providing you with the resources you will need as you embark on your entrepreneur journey.

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text


COVID-19 Pandemic has accelerated digital transformation globally and shaped our lifestyles around it. Even as we emerge from the pandemic, most of us have already adopted a new lifestyle, largely working, eating, and shopping from home. While this disruption has adversely impacted traditional businesses like restaurants, retail stores and hotels, it has also created many new opportunities on similar fronts, with food delivery, eCommerce, and hyper local activities such as city cycling tours.

The radical changes brought by economic disruptions and our sheer adaptability as human beings create many incredible opportunities for entrepreneurship. There is no better time than now.

We at NTUitive want to present you with a once in a lifetime opportunity to capitalise on the transformation of the industries, create a new business, and make it BIG. As absurd as it may sound, do not waste a good crisis!

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text

1. Orientation

o  Welcome to MADventures Program
o  Introduction to Nanyang Technological University (NTU) and Accelebator
o  Getting to Know You
o  Introduction to Instructors
o  Introduction to Mentors
o  Introduction to Program Structure
o  Introduction to Program Timeline
o   How it works: The Methodology and Tools
o   How it works: Administrative Matters
o   FAQ

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text
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2. Business Model Canvas

o   Intro: Business Model Canvas
o   Resource Pack: Business Model Canvas
o   Business Model Canvas Application
o   Business Model Innovation
o   9 components of Business Model Canvas
o   Case Studies
o   Exercise

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text

3. Value Proposition Design

o   Intro: Value Propositions
o   Resource Pack: Value Propositions Canvas (VPC)
o   Value Curve
o   Value Proposition Framework
o   Customers’ Jobs-To-Be-Done
o   Customers’ Gains and Pains
o   Gain Achievers and Pain Relievers
o   Value Equation: Benefits and Costs
o   Exercise

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text

4. Customer Discovery

o   Intro: Market Segmentation & targeting
o   Market Scoping: Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Available Market (SAM) and Serviceable Obtainable Market (SOM)
o   Market Sizing
o   Examples
o   Customer Personas
o   Customers vs Users
o   Targeting Strategies
o   Competitive Advantages and Barriers of Entry
o   Exercise

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text

5. Minimum Viable Product

o   Intro: Product-Market Fit
o   From VPC to the Whole Product Map
o   Validated vs Unvalidated Product Features
o   Feature Utility Curve
o   Minimum Viable Product (MVP)
o   AGILE concepts application in market validation
o   MVP Strategies
o   Exercise

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text

6. Market Validation

o   Intro: Market Validation
o   The Feedback Loop
o   Getting out of the building
o   Business models testing
o   Business models validation with Stakeholders
o   Types of hypotheses
o   Interviews to validate product solution fit
o   Interview Strategies
o   Resources for venture builders
o   Exercise


7. Competitive Analysis and Strategies

o   Intro: Blue Ocean vs Red Ocean
o   Competitive Analysis
o   Value Innovation & four actions framework
o   Four Actions Framework examples
o   Intro: Industry Analysis
o   Porter’s 5 forces
o   Product Lifecycle
o   Innovation Adoption Lifecycle
o   Macro- Environment: Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental, Legal (PESTEL)
o   Corporate Growth Strategies
o   Exercise

8. Pricing Strategies

​o    Intro: Pricing strategies
o    Resource Pack: Pricing
o    Fundamentals of pricing and price sensitivity
o    Pricing Strategies and techniques
o    Exercise

9. Marketing Strategies

o   Intro: Marketing Strategies
o   Marketing funnel overview
o   Customer Relationships
o   Marketing Channels
o   Effective Digital Marketing
o   Intro: APPCOMM – Consultative Selling
o   Gaining Acceptance & Purpose Statement
o   Consultation & Overcoming Objections
o   Motivating to Act
o   Exercises

10. Fundraising

o   Intro: Fundraising
o   Myths of Fundraising
o   Source of financing
o   Types of Investors
o   Funding stages
o   Business Model Canvas and Product-Market Fit from Investors Perspective
o   Pitch Deck and Business Plan
o   Financial Projections
o   Valuation Methodologies
o   Exercise


11. Investment Simulation

o   Intro: Real-world investment pitching simulation game
o   Preparation for your fundraising pitch
o   Real-life pitching to investors on

What is Ideasinc.Veni? + Our Curriculum: Text

Contact Us

NTUitive Pte. Ltd. 
71 Nanyang Drive 
NTU Innovation Centre 
Singapore 638075 

Satellite Office @ JTC Launchpad 
79 Ayer Rajah Crescent 
Singapore 139955

Contact: +65  9852 3746


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